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SpringPublisher enables you to design and print business cards, flyers, postcards, letterheads and labels within a few minutes.

User's Manual

Create a new project

A “New Project” window will show up when SpringPublisher is started.

You can create a blank project or use the Template Library to create a project with a template.


To create a blank project

Name: to specify a name for the new project   

Standard Size/ Custom Size

There are various frequently-used sizes preset in SpringPublisher, which can meet general design requirements. You can choose the preset size in the Standard Size options.

If the size you want is not in the Standard Size options, you can choose the Custom Size and enter new values in the Width and Height text boxes as you like.

Bleed: to specify the Bleed Size of the artwork. For more details, please read the FAQS chapter.

Unit: to set the measurement unit

Background Color: to set the background color of the canvas.

Create a two-sided document: if you select this option, you will set up a document which contains an obverse and a reverse.


Create a project through the Template Library

Local Template Library

Type: to choose the type of the template base

Choose a template: In the template list, select the template that you want. SpringPublisher will create a new project according to the chosen template.

Web Template Store

Find a template you want in the Web Template Store, click the Download button and then open it. SpringPublisher will download the chosen template to the local Template Library, and create a new project according to that template.

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